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HohenstaufenCuff[1]      9.SS Hohenstaufen Panzer Division Cuff Title

9SS DivShield Small 1   9.SS Hohenstaufen Divisional Symbol


9.SS Hohenstaufen used a wide range of typical Waffen SS uniforms and camouflage clothing, including some of the following items shown in the pictures below:

  • Wool Feldbluse tunics and trousers were issued to all soldiers as their main uniform for Heer (Army) and Waffen SS from 1935 until the end of the war, with only minor variations to improve production efficiency.
  • Conceived and developed by Felix Steiner, the Waffen SS were early innovators of camouflage clothing and the first branch of the Wehrmacht to issue camouflage smocks and helmet covers as early as 1936. Waffen SS clothing and equipment was mainly produced in factories throughout Germany, including concentration camps such as Dachau. Classic examples are reversible (spring /autumn) camouflage smocks, zeltbahn (zelts), parkas and caps e.g. plane tree, oak leaf, palmtree, and dot44 (pea dot)….
  • “Erbsenmuster” 44 Dot (Pea Dot) camouflage tunic and trousers was introduced into the Waffen SS in early 1944 to replace the pullover camouflage smocks and extend the service life of the wool uniform.
  • Steel Helmet (Stahlhelm), Sidecap, NCO Crusher Cap, M43 wool field cap, M43 Camo cap.
  • Kharkov Parka and Winter Parka
  • Following the Italian surrender in 1943, the German seized large quantities of Italian camouflage fake rolex miyota movement site:youtube.com material which they used to produce their own clothing and extensively issued to the Waffen SS e.g. jackets, trousers, caps and parkas…
  • Waffenfarbe – Whilst other Heer Panzergrenadiers used light green for their Waffenfarbe e.g. Gross Deutschland, it is generally accepted that the Waffen SS panzergrenadiers retained the infantry white waffenfarbe. Other Waffen SS services tended to follow traditional Heer waffenfarbe colours e.g Pink – Panzer, Red – Artillery, Yellow – Recon, Green – Mountain Troops etc..

WSS M40 Feldbluse 1WSS Stahlhelm M40 2WSS Oak Helmet Cover 1WSS Oak Smock 1WSS Side Cap 1WSS NCO Crusher Cap 1WSS Camo Cap Plant Tree 1WSS 44Dot Tunic WSS Kharkow Parka 1WSS Italian Parka 1WSS oaka zelt

"Waffen SS" "Oakleaf Reversible Parka"

Waffen SS “Fall Oakleaf” original reversible camouflage parka. During the winter of 1943-44, reversible fieldgray and “spring oak” uniforms had been issued. For the next winter, it was decided to change to Oakleaf in “Fall” colours and to reinforce the elbows, knees and make minor changes to the hood. Thus, these appeared in the Fall of 1944 (Ref: At The Front (ATF) USA).

Waffen SS Shoulder Board Waffenfarbe

Shoulder Board Waffefarbe


Hohenstaufen armoury consisted of the extensive range of German weapons:

K98 carbine rifle / MP40 submachine gun / MP 44 assault rifle.

Luger P08, Walther P38 and PPK pistols.

MG34 and MG42 light machine guns.

Panzerfaust anti tank launcher.