The German Zeltbahn 

The German Zeltbahn, or Zelt for short, was an item of basic Wehrmacht military equipment produced in millions. Each soldier was issued one zelt quarter which were then buttoned together in various 4, 8, 12 and even 16 zelt configurations as shown in the imitation rolex sea dweller deepsea mens rolex calibre 2836 2813 m126660 0001 automatic following photos.

There was also a larger Stabszelt for staff officers, including camouflage versions.

The humble Four Man Zelt – made up of x4 zeltbahns buttoned together to make a 4 man shelter:

Zelt 4 1WH Zeeltbahn 4man 3

Eight Man Zelt – made up of x8 zeltbahns buttoned together to make an 8 man shelter:

Zelt 8 1  WH Zeltbahn 8 man 1

Große Zelt – made up of x12 or more zeltbahns buttoned together and used to meet for various tentage requirements:

Zelt 12 1 9ss YWE2015 Camp 11


Große Stabszelt – German Officers Tent:

Zelt stabszelt 5 Camo Zelt stabszelt 1Zelt stabszelt 4 Camo Zelt stabszelt 3 Camo   Zelt stabszelt 6 Camo Zelt stabszelt 8 CamoZelt stabszelt 1vape smaken