Kit List For New Recruits (2022).

The 9SS.Panzer Division Hohenstaufen was formed in 1943 and served until May 1945. To reflect this our kit list requirements for new recruits is based on mid to late war period uniforms, weapons and equipment.

To begin your new exciting hobby we strongly recommend new recruits only buy the absolute minimum kit for your first event which will enable you to join in the activities and fun.

During your first event you will have the opportunity to be advised by more experienced group members on which kit you actually need.

In addition, major Re-enactor suppliers attend most events with well stocked stalls giving you the opportunity to try on and buy your full kit requirements, saving on shipping costs and perhaps getting a group member discount.

Also, most re-enactors tend to sell spare / surplus kit at events – so you may be lucky to buy what you need at a bargain price.

To help with your first event initial requirements we have provided a brief kit list below:

BASIC KIT – For First Event (See  Example Pictures at end of this page):

Tunic: Field Grey (Feldgrau) Wool Tunic. Waffen SS 5 Buttons. M40 / M42 / M43 patterns preferred or early period M36.

Trousers: Field Grey Wool Trousers.

Belt: Black leather belt with Waffen SS Mans Buckle (silver or green).

Footwear: Black Jackboots (other ranks, no zips or fasteners) or short ankle boots with replica watches correct gaiters.

Headwear: Waffen SS M43 wool ski cap or wool sidecap.

Optional for First Event (but not essential) – Seek Advise before buying !!!:

Insignia: Waffen SS mans Collar Patches (SS Schutze), arm eagle, cap eagle and skull. 

Waffen SS Dot44 (Pea Dots): 5 Colour Dots (3 Shades of Greens / 2 Shades of Browns), jacket & trousers.

Camo Cap: M42 Camouflage ski cap (Planetree, Oakleaf, Blurred Edge only)..

Stahlhelm: Original M35 / M40 / M42 or Quality Reproduction M40.

Helmet cover: Waffen SS Reversible (Planetree, Oakleaf, Blurred Edge only).

Smock: Waffen SS 1st or 2nd patterns (Planetree, Blurred Edge or Oakleaf).

Parka: Mouse Grey, Oakleaf or Kharkov full length (Green or Italian Camo)

Weapons (new recruits): K98 Rifle Only (either Live Firer (with FAC), Deac or Denix Replica.

Equipment (Personal):

Zeltbahn set (x4) Waffen SS Oakleaf pattern (for camping on event display pitch).

Waterbottle, Mess tin, Y Straps, K98 Ammunition Pouches, Bread Bag, K98 Bayonet and Frog

Example Pictures of Kit:

WSS M42 Tunic 1

Waffen SS M42 Feldgrau Wool Tunic & Trousers

WSS M43 Trousers 1

WSS M43 Cap 2WSS M43 Cap 1WSS Side Cap 1

Waffen SS M43 Feldgrau wool Field Caps. Issued with either two piece front insignia, side eagle or one piece front trapezoid.


Waffen SS Mans Belt Buckle Repro
Waffen SS Mans Belt Buckle (Repro).
Jack Boots 1Short Boots
Black Jackboots (other ranks, no zips or fasteners) or short ankle boots with correct gaiters.

WSS 44Dot Tunic

Waffen SS Dot44 (Pea Dots) Tunic: 5 Colour Dots (3 Shades of Greens / 2 Shades of Browns), jacket & trousers.

 WSS Dot44 Tunics 1WSS Dot44 44dot_tunic_comp WSS Dot44 Trousers

Waffen SS Camo Cap. Issued in Plane Tree, Blurred Edge or Oak Leaf camo material.

WSS Zeltbahn 1

WSS Oak Smock 1 "Waffen SS" "Oakleaf Reversible Parka"

WSS Kharkow Parka 1 WSS Italian Parka 1

Recommended Re-enactor Suppliers:,857

Please mention you are joining our 9SS Hohenstaufen Living History Group and they will look after you and may even provide a discount.